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Special economic area «Reni» Official site
Special economic area «Reni»
Official site
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The Reni city behaves to the number of the most ancient settlements on the coast of Danube. The archaeological monuments found on its territory behave to the fourth millennium to our era. Moving in the westward, people formed in the beginning the settlements at the Yalpug lake, then Twig was attained , founding not far from its inflow in Danube a present city Reni... >>
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The Reni city is located in south-west part of the Odessa region in the distance a 320 km from the regional center of Odessa, is the admini-strative center of district. If to give a glance on a card, it is possible to mark that Reni is located on the joint of three states... >>
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News of city life and not only from a weekly «Chas pik». >>
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Projects SEZ «Reni»

Next investment projects are now considered and ratified:    

 - the investment project of "Reni-meridian" is "Processing of soy", which foresees building of factory on processing of soyas. Day's volume of processing - 1000 tons of soy in days. A factory will make about 268 thousand of tons of soy-bean shrot, 17 thousand of tons of soy-bean husk and 63 thousand of tons of the refined soy-bean butter in a year. Technology of processing is absolutely new for Ukraine.

Basic volume of raw material - about 300 thousand of tons - will be imported from the USA, that largely will provide the load of the Reni port. In future substitution is assumed 50% of volume of raw material by the soy reared in the Reni district and other regions of Ukraine. The program on crediting by the seeds of soy and insecticides of local agriculturing producers will be realized to that end.

The given project is ideally inscribed in the general conception SEZ "Reni", which provides for not only and not so much simple cross-purpose of load through port, but also its processing, and also bringing in to realization of project of domestic producer (agriculturing producer).

Re-created working seating capacity - 46, investments (foreign) on a project - a 24,251 million of dollars of the USA, term of recoupment - 5 years.

An investor gave the detailed plan of investments in volumes and in a form, necessary for realization of investment project, and creation of workplaces in such terms:
Stage of investing Date of beginning and ending of stage of investing Volumes Types of investment charges (equipment, raw material, tools and others like that) Working seating created and stored capacity
In grivnyas
in dollars of USA
Project works XI - XII 2001   939378 Planning ~
Build works I - XII 2002   4298140 Building 2
Delivery of equipment XII 2001 - II 2003   12401508 Equipment -
Editing and installation II 2003 - IV 2003   1674860 Editing 44
Delivery of raw material V 2003   4937114 Raw Material  

- the investment project of Russian-Ukrainian enterprise "AGROPROMINVEST" and "ReniLes" is "Production of the glued squared beam and parquet". By the given project the organization of additional production of eurowindows, evropoddons and other joiner's wares is afterwards foreseen. The indicated technologies are relatively new for Ukraine (except for a parquet). A project is oriented to delivery of raw material from Russia (north pine-tree and fir-tree). The market of sale is Hungary, Germany and Belgium.

Size of investments on a project - a $2,4 million, the term of recoupment is 4,2 years. Quantity of the accrued workplaces - 86.

Work on registration of investor is presently conducted, as the subject SEZ "Reni".

    - the investment project of LTD. is "TERMO-RENI" "Organization of collapsible production of gas heating vehicles" by a cost 200 thousand dollars of the USA with the quantity of workplaces from 60 to 200 persons, the term of recoupment of project is 4 years.

This project has the large social value, because will allow to provide the considerable number of habitants Reni by work. Presently an investor types 60 persons from local specialists for the in-plant training on head production of the Joint-stock COMPANY "Termo", Lugansk. First party from 20 specialists already month are found on retraining and, before long, getting qualifying certifications, will begin work on assembling of gas heating vehicles already in Reni. By a next step on this project registration of investor is planned, as the subject SEZ, and production of goods on the export, using the favourable mode SEZ.

Presently on consideration there are a few investment projects, such, as:

  • creation of terminal on transit of gas by power 250 thousand tons in a year by a cost a 2,5 million of dollars of the USA, an investor is the "Incorporated oilgaz company", Russia, and the "Laguna-Reni LTD.", Ukraine;
  • restoration of complex on the cross-purpose of products oil- and coke-chemical industry, an investor is the Ukrainian company of "Ukrchem";
  • building of complex on the cross-purpose and packing of salt from 1 kg of to 1.5 tons with subsequent realization in the countries of the Arabic world, an investor is the Turkish company "BAYAZIT CONSTRUCTION";
  • the same company gave for consideration project of ending of building of the marine moorage "Ro-Ro" with the proper infrastructure (campsite, filling station, station of maintenance).

    Described higher projects pass procedure of concordance at local level and will in the near time act on examination of Ministry of economy.

    All projects suppose introduction of the newest technologies, ecologically net enterprises and absence of financial risk. On each of large projects are based 8-10 shallow. It is the projects of enterprises concomitant, auxiliary on production of packing container, labels, sacks, to packing etc. Realization of projects, already on the first stage, will begin to correct economic position of region, will create the favourable terms of development of external economic communications, appearance of new workplaces will remove sharp social tension in town.

    Duty-free import of raw material, duty-free export of the prepared products, cheap labour force are attractive for foreign partners, therefore 99% of producible products will be intended on the export.
    All investment projects are examined in the plan of presence of reliable source of raw materials on a term no less than 30 years and market of sale of the prepared products.

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    An investment project (business plan) must have short description and description, planned production, containing without fail next data... >>
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    Taking into account the prospect of development of international SEZ "Reni - Dgurdguleshti -Galats" foreign investors examine and analyse marketability in Reni next investment projects... >>
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    For effective realization of tasks of sociopolis it is necessary to decide some problems existing on today in Reni... >>

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