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Special economic area «Reni» Official site
Special economic area «Reni»
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The Reni city behaves to the number of the most ancient settlements on the coast of Danube. The archaeological monuments found on its territory behave to the fourth millennium to our era. Moving in the westward, people formed in the beginning the settlements at the Yalpug lake, then Twig was attained , founding not far from its inflow in Danube a present city Reni... >>
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The Reni city is located in south-west part of the Odessa region in the distance a 320 km from the regional center of Odessa, is the admini-strative center of district. If to give a glance on a card, it is possible to mark that Reni is located on the joint of three states... >>
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News of city life and not only from a weekly «Chas pik». >>
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The creation of sociopolis. Entry

    For acceleration of decision of tasks of socio-economic development of the Reni city, found in the conditions of economic calamity a new conception supposing creation of new forms and management models is offered, namely, development of the special economic zone in combination with the socio-economic experiment on creation of sociopolis. Such complex approach will allow simultaneously to remove development and growth of meaningful negative processes and disproportions without bringing of additional tools in, and also, due to undrawn on internal reserve, to reanimate potential becoming numb.

    Essence of the offered conception consists in realization of strategic tasks simultaneous, instead of not level by level, program in combination with the social projects of proactive development, that will allow maximum effectively to involve absolutely all resources present at disposal of region and attract foreign investments.

    New forms and management models, above all things, are based on the use of advantages of geographical position of region (comfortable access to the capacious export market of the European states and countries of the Mediterranean sea pool, attractiveness for foreign investors by development of the transnational transit known, as a "great silk way").

    A presence already only these advantages will allow without additional efforts to import new and realize own ability to compete technologies able to generate new industries of production and reconstruct already existing, to lay down beginning to development of national infrastructure answering breathing of a 21 age and to be instrumental in the increase of export possibilities of the Reni economic ground.

    Conception of Reni soiopolis supposes bringing of the newest technologies in, such as production of new electronic systems of proactive management, systems of electronic payments with the use of smart-technologies and many other, called to provide a comfort economic and social, and highest performance and total economy, in the expense of all types of resources, that will allow to provide the highest competition ability, and in subsequent and "chain reaction" of introductions in a national scale.

    Forming and frequent increase of local budget by own forces, with the use of optimum combination of local resources labour and natural, taking into account the history folded interests, will allow level by level to stabilize an economic situation, to remove social tension.

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Decision of problem of return of region from a crisis and further complex socio-economic development taking into account its geopolitical location, state and prospects of development of pertaining to national economy complex it can be realized by the created special economic zone «Reni»... >>
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Taking into account the prospect of development of international SEZ "Reni - Dgurdguleshti -Galats" foreign investors examine and analyse marketability in Reni next investment projects... >>
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Efficiency of any management relies on authenticity of administrative information and timeliness of its receipt straight, and also from the quickness of acceptance of decision, leading of it to the performers and control of execution... >>

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