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Special economic area «Reni» Official site
Special economic area «Reni»
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The Reni city behaves to the number of the most ancient settlements on the coast of Danube. The archaeological monuments found on its territory behave to the fourth millennium to our era. Moving in the westward, people formed in the beginning the settlements at the Yalpug lake, then Twig was attained , founding not far from its inflow in Danube a present city Reni... >>
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The Reni city is located in south-west part of the Odessa region in the distance a 320 km from the regional center of Odessa, is the admini-strative center of district. If to give a glance on a card, it is possible to mark that Reni is located on the joint of three states... >>
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News of city life and not only from a weekly «Chas pik». >>
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The creation of sociopolis. 2.2. Transport corridors

to zoom the mapOne of factors allowing to speak about efficiency of conducting of economic experiment and creation of soiopolis exactly in the Reni region, there is its transport power the basis of which is made by a transeuropean water highway - Danube; according to the decision of the third paneuropean conference of ministers of transport the routes of international transport corridors pass through a region 7, 9 and Black sea Economic Collaboration, water-carriage (marine and river), a railway (there is a gauge both narrow, and wide), motor-car.

    In the Reni port presently the special complex on treatment of river courts with the horizontal method of loading (Ro-Ro) operates by the Reni - Ruse (Bulgaria) and Reni - Tulcha (Romania) report, that allows to adopt a freight motor transport from Europe East and Western, in the stage of completion a similar marine moorage Ro-Ro, located thereon complex. Introduction of it to exploitation will allow to adopt ferries from Europe and without superfluous custom formalities and delays overload their content on a marine ferry by the report on Turkey, Iran and other countries.

    Building of speed motorway from Western Europe through Odessa is planned, on the Crimean peninsula and further through the Kerch channel on Russia which will pass through territory of Reni sociopolis.

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The special economic zone "Reni" (SEZ "Reni" is farther) is created for the term of 30 years on territory of city of the Reni Odessa region by a general area 94,36 hectares within bounds of lot land of given in the use to Reni marine auction port. The original map of the SEZ "Reni" is kept in Reni city advice... >>
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Taking into account the prospect of development of international SEZ "Reni - Dgurdguleshti -Galats" foreign investors examine and analyse marketability in Reni next investment projects... >>
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How Reni sociopolis is created for working of ideas and models for all Ukraine off, the vertical line of management of sociopolis must be maximally short... >>

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