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Special economic area «Reni» Official site
Special economic area «Reni»
Official site
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The Reni city behaves to the number of the most ancient settlements on the coast of Danube. The archaeological monuments found on its territory behave to the fourth millennium to our era. Moving in the westward, people formed in the beginning the settlements at the Yalpug lake, then Twig was attained , founding not far from its inflow in Danube a present city Reni... >>
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The Reni city is located in south-west part of the Odessa region in the distance a 320 km from the regional center of Odessa, is the admini-strative center of district. If to give a glance on a card, it is possible to mark that Reni is located on the joint of three states... >>
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News of city life and not only from a weekly «Chas pik». >>
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The creation of sociopolis. 4. Proposed to implement the idea. 4.1. Model electronic control sociopolis

    Efficiency of any management relies on authenticity of administrative information and timeliness of its receipt straight, and also from the quickness of acceptance of decision, leading of it to the performers and control of execution. Thus, creation of the automated systems providing collection and treatment of administrative information in real time is needed.

    Due to the powerful technological system it is planned to create of principle a new vertical line of management, which must replace the existent management system. Thus, in place of reduction of the staff other way which is that the old management system of management on a new informative-technological system of management by all branches of management of sociopolis is replaced is offered cardinally.

    As a result of the complex use of such system a vertical management line in which of principle the conference calls are eliminated will be realized, a bureaucratic vehicle grows short in 3-4 times, and the automated control after implementation of the accepted decisions will be first realized, thus this control is not subject to falsification and garbling. Thus maximum possibilities on the management of sociopolis increase. Acceptance of decisions automatically forecasts the consequences and results at stated intervals in the future. Checking features increase due to the reference informative system which reflects truth through the automated system sharply, instead of not through the lectures of inferiors. In the given system the leaders of all grades are provided practically with supernatural capabilities to handle due to knowledge in any industry of activity of sociopolis.

    The eventual result of chain of management is that the system makes decisions: pointing is executed, it is not required to execute pointing on some reasons, or pointing of principle can not execute this man. Always on any order there is an eventual result on terms and volume and in correlation with other tasks.

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The special economic zone "Reni" (SEZ "Reni" is farther) is created for the term of 30 years on territory of city of the Reni Odessa region by a general area 94,36 hectares within bounds of lot land of given in the use to Reni marine auction port. The original map of the SEZ "Reni" is kept in Reni city advice... >>
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For acceleration of process of creation of the international special economic zone "Reni - Dgurdguleshti - Galats" from Ukrainian party it is necessary to conduct the following measures... >>
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Within the framework of realization of ideas of sociopolis in Reni it is possible to work next newest highly technological decisions... >>

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