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Special economic area «Reni» Official site
Special economic area «Reni»
Official site
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The Reni city behaves to the number of the most ancient settlements on the coast of Danube. The archaeological monuments found on its territory behave to the fourth millennium to our era. Moving in the westward, people formed in the beginning the settlements at the Yalpug lake, then Twig was attained , founding not far from its inflow in Danube a present city Reni... >>
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The Reni city is located in south-west part of the Odessa region in the distance a 320 km from the regional center of Odessa, is the admini-strative center of district. If to give a glance on a card, it is possible to mark that Reni is located on the joint of three states... >>
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News of city life and not only from a weekly «Chas pik». >>
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The creation of sociopolis. 5. The governance of sociopolis and its financing

    How Reni sociopolis is created for working of ideas and models for all Ukraine off, the vertical line of management of sociopolis must be maximally short. Administration of sociopolis must be "locked" directly on Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and national security Council and defensive, maximally decreasing here influencing of structures district and regional, that will allow quickly and effectively to make any decisions related to activity of sociopolis.
Forming of budget of sociopolis must be made directly Ministry of finance of Ukraine, not changing budgetary deductions, as was offered in a budget on 2001 year for the cities of regional submission, straight.

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Decision of problem of return of region from a crisis and further complex socio-economic development taking into account its geopolitical location, state and prospects of development of pertaining to national economy complex it can be realized by the created special economic zone «Reni»... >>
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For acceleration of process of creation of the international special economic zone "Reni - Dgurdguleshti - Galats" from Ukrainian party it is necessary to conduct the following measures... >>
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Technology of return in the economy of Ukraine of the capitals taken out for a border... >>

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